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Home Nitromousse was invented by the same people who invented and patented the tubliss system. Nitromossue uses concentrated nitrogen technology in a micro matrix in combination with elastomers. This ensures durability and the same performance throughout the life of the moussa. In addition, the proprietary formula of mousse foam production ensures 2x longer life than other manufacturers. Nitromousse provides much more progressive, predictable and in-use performance from the very first ride. Nitromousse uses an incredibly hard micro matrix of its own elastomers, allowing Nitromousse to last up to 2X longer than other mousse. Nitromousse contains a high concentration of nitrogen which gives it a lot of air, a pneumatic (air cushion) feeling, eliminating the fear of ‘ churning out mousse. ” Thanks to nitrogen, which makes driving “predictable”, you feel like you are driving at low pressure, which affects traction and improves the feel of the suspension. Would you like the perfect mousse to match your tire? see here: